Barrister's Reserve

Monarch Espresso
& Cocktail Bar

Barrister and Mann is a men's shaving company based out of Cooperstown New York. They specialize in soaps and aftershaves for modern men interested in a more curated grooming experience, the identity is a smart blend of science and art. The visual system, featured on packaging for all the brand's products, ventures into unexpected territory with an artful, illustrated take on powerful images from the natural world. Reserve is a collection of reverse-engineered, discontinued aftershaves, bringing some of the best classics out of retirement. For the packaging, we took several old patton drawings that were related to the scents, and created custom artwork for the bottles.  //  Art Direction: Will Schroeder

Monarch is the first craft coffee shop to open up in the Tuscaloosa area. Situated right downtown, Monarch operates as a community centered business. They frequently host events while serving high quality coffee. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with the owners to bring the brand to life, and give the people of Tuscaloosa a unique, aesthetic forward experience. The identity is conceptually rooted in Monarch's leadership in the community & how they operate as a bit of a monarch themselves (the good parts of a monarch). We developed a brand that pulls inspiration from many styles of monarch's both past and present, but also creates a unique vibe for its location & audience.


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