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There's a big fat difference between being a decorator & being a designer. 

Monarch Espresso
& Cocktail Bar

Yes, I too love that "old timey" look, who doesn't enjoy those early ages of design. BUT, I dont believe that every brand should look that way just becuase its "cool" or "trendy". Everything needs a reason for being the way it is. I believe that every long lasting peice of design requires a deep level of strategy and conceptual thought in order for it to be successful.

I'm young and relatively new to the industry compared to many of the other people out there, but I consider myself extremely lucky to have learned from so many brilliant minds at ICON so far in the near 2 years I've been working professionally.

I'm very into creating thought-driven, visual aesthetics for good people with strong visions. Brands should be  honest, willing to take risks and ready to go so much further than the norm. All work should be openly collaborative. Whether it's with the client or with fellow designers, I prefer to work with others who bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the table. Let's all just face, two (or more) brains are better than one.  

Monarch is the first craft coffee shop to open up in the Tuscaloosa area. Situated right downtown, Monarch operates as a community centered business. They frequently host events while serving high quality coffee. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with the owners to bring the brand to life, and give the people of Tuscaloosa a unique, aesthetic forward experience. The identity is conceptually rooted in Monarch's leadership in the community & how they operate as a bit of a monarch themselves (the good parts of a monarch). We developed a brand that pulls inspiration from many styles of monarch's both past and present, but also creates a unique vibe for its location & audience.

My timeline:

1993- 2012 – Not  super important but you clicked on my about page. Anyway, I was doing everything from being born to being a kid. I did kid things like shoot arrows at mailboxes and had mud wars with friends, played sports, and constantly drew sarcastic cartoons in my notebooks and in art class. Some won awards, some got me in trouble, the rest made people laugh.

2012-2013 – Spent living in London as a charity worker, mentoring younger kids, fixing up book shops, & slowly becoming cultured and exposed to larger perspectives than I was able to gain in the south as a young boy.

2013- 2016
Spent Aquiring a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Auburn University

2016- PresentDesigner at ICONOLOGIC in Atlanta





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